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 5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Cremation Provider

  1. Do you own your crematory?
    Yes we do. We own and operate a state-of-the-art crematory, according to all state and Federal regulations. People who wish to inspect our facilities, or who just want to say “good-bye” to their loved one, are warmly welcome. 
  2. What if we change our mind about this decision?
    For the last 37 years, anyone who has pre-paid and asked to cancel their contract has received a full refund. We want you to be completely comfortable with your end-of-life arrangements.
  3. What if we move?
    If you move within California, the policy will be honored by one of our eight offices. No additional charges will be incurred if you live within a 75 mile radius of your local office. If you move out of state, you should add Worldwide Coverage to you policy. With this coverage, we will take care of you, wherever the death may occur. There will be no additional cremation charges for your survivors.
  4. Do you offer monthly payments? How much interest do you charge?
    Yes, we offer two plans with monthly payment options, each with 0% interest. 
  5. How long has your company been in business?
    We want you to be wary of providers who focus on the number of years of experience. What you really want to know is will they be there when you need them. We’re pleased to share that the Neptune Society has a 37-year track record of proven service.  

 What is the difference between Neptune and Nautilus?

Technically speaking, there are four unique ownership groups for the name Neptune Society. Neptune Society offices in California are independently-owned and not franchises. There are different policies, prices and management among the independent Neptune Societies. Each office has a “territory,” usually by County, and complies with the agreement made with the other offices to refrain from crossing county lines.

In 1980, The Nautilus Society was founded as a subsidiary of the Neptune Society of Central California and the Neptune Society of Orange County.

The Neptune Society of Orange County is not affiliated with the Neptune Society of Northern California (which is owned by Stewart Enterprises).

The Neptune Society of Orange County is not affiliated with the Neptune Society® serving Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties or it’s subsidiary founded in 1997, the Trident Society®. 

The Neptune Society of Orange County is not affiliated with the Neptune Society of San Diego serving San Diego, Riverside, or San Bernardino counties.

 What makes Neptune Society Different?

We know we're different, and we want you to know why:

  • We provide a 100% Service Guarantee.  If we ever fail to live up to expectations, we'll make things right, or refund that portion of the service.
  • We adhere to, or exceed, industry standards and guidelines for accurate identification of the cremated remains.
  • We have trained knowledgeable and courteous staff to guide you through the process.
  • We allow -and welcome - inspection of our facilities.
  • We use modern state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We own our equipment and facilities.
  • We have a proven reputation with more than 37 years in business, and we'll be here when you need us.  Guaranteed.
  • We are members, in excellent standing, with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We cremate only one person at a time, in strict accordance with our own ethical policies and government regulation.
  • We cremate only human remains in our crematory, and offer no pet cremation services.
  • We are licensed, and regularly inspected, by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • We are local family-owned business, which means we do not answer to corporate stockholders looking for higher sales and profits.
  • We offer 0% financing with easy monthly payment options.
  • We offer coverage anywhere in the world.
  • We have a straightforward approach, with no up-selling and no hidden costs.

 How does your plan work?

Each enrollee is provided with an Emergency Alert Card which provides 24-hour contact information for Neptune Society. After a death has occurred, the following steps will take place:

  • The surviving family, friends or authority calls Neptune Society’s toll-free number. 
  • Neptune Society removes the body from the home, hospital or other location.
  • The body is placed in a cremation container. 
  • Neptune Society staff prepares death certificate, disposition permit, and other necessary records while consulting with the family. 
  • Neptune Society takes death certificate to doctor to obtain official records of cause of death and files paperwork with the State of California and the County Health Department. 
  • Cremation usually occurs several days after death. 
  • Cremated remains are taken to the Neptune Society office in an appropriate urn for scattering at sea, release to the family or designated person, or scattering in a cemetery garden.

 Aside from cremation, do you offer other services?

Neptune Society owns two beautifully-appointed motor yachts. They are clean, comfortable and safe. One is located in Alameda, California, and the other is located in Newport Beach. Both boats are available for private boat memorial services. Prices are available only at the time of need, since neither boat is available for pre-pay. The fees vary depending on the number of people wishing to charter the boat, and the day of the week requested. For more information and availability, call :

  • Northern California
    (510) 568-5400


The Orca III is a U.S. Coast Guard certified, 62' motor yacht which is berthed at Ballena Isle Marina in Alameda, CA. The Orca III can accomodate up to 42 people ans can be chartered for a private memorial service on the bay.

The physical address is:
K Dock
201 University Ave.
 Berkeley, CA 94710
  • Southern California
    (949) 646-7431


The ORCA TOO is a 65-foot Luxury Charter Yacht which can host up to 49 guests for harbor cruises, ocean trips and private memorial services. The boat and crew are U.S. Coast Guard Certified.

The physical address is:
630 Lido Park Drive, Slip A
Newport Beach, CA 92663

     What assurance is there that my survivors will receive my ashes?

    The Neptune Society adheres to the strictest identification guidelines in the industry, in order to minimize the chance of human error. To reassure our clients, the entire cremation process is monitored by closed circuit video. Additionally, a numbered metal disc is assigned to the deceased and accompanies the body throughout the cremation process. The disc stays with the ashes as they are placed in a temporary container, awaiting final disposition by Neptune Society or the family.

     I am already registered with the Neptune Society and need to update my information.  What should I do? 

    Contact the location closest to where you registered. Our Neptune Society professionals will assist you in updating your information.